Automated doors for the healthcare sector

14/12/18 12:13

Easy access and security are universal requirements for hospital, clinic, or nursing home entrances. Regardless, every entrance has its own unique challenges, which often require an entrance solution that is tailored to fit.

Sliding doors for a multitude of facility needs

For nursing homes, the security and comfort of the residents is the main priority. For the main entrance, an automatic sliding door that can easily open and lock – possibly with an elbow lock – and has a sluice function to prevent drafts, is ideal. 

For hallways and living room areas, swing doors or interior sliding doors are the most functional solutions. Burglary-resistant sliding doors are also well-suited for ensuring emergency rooms, health centers and dental clinics are safe and secure.


Automated doors for pedestrian and high risk areas

Revolving doors at the main entrances of hospitals and clinics provide easy accessibility for all, including people with limited mobility. And they are safe. To prevent injury, the doors are equipped with rotation and finger clamp protection.

For corridors and hallways, which often function as a fire break, the solution is usually two automatic swing doors, with an automatic door closer, that open in sequence to provide added fire protection. 

Silent automatic swing doors at the entrances to patient rooms reduce noise so patients are able to rest and sleep. For isolation rooms, a series of two swing doors provides a sluice function to help prevent the spread of infection.


Improve flow with high-speed or overhead sectional doors

In non-patient areas like basements, high-speed doors that can open and close quickly, enable the free flow of equipment and supplies. For healthcare logistics centers with unloading and loading stations, an overhead sectional door, dock leveller and dock shelter help facilitate the smooth flow of goods and vehicles in and out of the area. And for ambulance bays, glazed overhead doors are a discreet and fast-opening option.


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